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Fortress Linux DNS

Fortress Linux DNS is a free domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests in a much safer and more reliable way than the DNS servers provided by your ISP. FLDNS helps users keep safe online with its domain filtering features, without requiring any hardware or software installation.

  • Security - As a provider of advanced computer security solutions, FITSS is keenly aware of the dangers that plague the Internet today and references FLDNS with a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful malware, spyware and tracking sites. Including domains that are used by botnets, hackers and advertising agencies.

    FLDNS will warn you whenever you attempt to access a site or server containing potentially threatening or privacy invading content. Additionally, directing your requests through our highly secure FLDNS servers reduces the exposure to DNS Cache Poisoning attacks that may affect your currently used DNS servers.
  • Privacy - FLDNS does not collect your DNS queries unlike other DNS services.
  • Coverage - The coverage of FLDNS and all our other online security solutions extend from home and enterprise networks to nomadic users connecting with laptops, smartphones and tablets from caf├ęs, parks, retail stores, planes, hotels and public transportation.
  • Get a free domain name - Another unique feature of the FLDNS service, is that users can create a free domain name which will be accessible by everyone who uses FLDNS. Please follow the "Free Domain Name" link at the top of this page for more information.
Coverage -

How to install FLDNS

  • Installing FLDNS is easy. You only have to change the DNS settings of your operating system or router to protect your computers and online privacy with FLDNS. Please consult your OS or router manual on how to change the default DNS servers:

    Primary DNS:

    Secondary DNS:

You must visit the test site fldns.org -after- setting the dns servers to activate FLDNS for your connection. Please visit fldns.org again if you are unable to load other websites.

How to use FLDNS

  • You can browse the Internet like before after installing FLDNS. One of the first things a user will notice is that undesired content like advertisements will disappear from websites.
  • Whitelisting - Though FLDNS uses advanced security and malware detection technologies that are updated on a daily basis, it is possible that certain domains are filtered as a false-positive. In this situation, you can whitelist a domain at the presented FLDNS warning page.
  • Blacklisting - By following the "Blacklist Domain" link here and at the top of this page, you can submit new domains that are not already blocked by FLDNS.

Fortress Secure Cloud VPN

Get total online protection with Fortress Secure Cloud VPN

The Fortress Secure Cloud VPN (in short, FLVPN) is a total online security and privacy solution for our valued customers that ensures their anonymity, security, privacy and freedom while being online without leaving traces of their activities, regardless the ISP used.

Security - FLVPN includes and extends the FLDNS service with a secure and anonymous Internet connection that is equipped with an advanced security system that will protect you against hackers, rogue companies and lawfull interception done by ISP's and (semi-)federal organizations.

FLVPN provides additional advertisment filtering and protection against DNS cache poisoning, phising, malicous scripts, zero-day and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Important personally identifiable information leaked by web-browsers and their plugins will be filtered or obfuscated by the security systems before it reaches the Internet.

Internal Network - With the FLVPN internal network, users can securely communicate and exchange data with other FLVPN users. All data that passes through the network is encrypted, regardless of the used application, protocol or port.

Internal (Firewall) Web-interface - FLVPN provides a web-interface for managing your account and the integrated Fortress Linux Firewall that protects your system against incoming connections and prevents you from connecting to the most hostile IP addresses on the Internet in any case your system may be infected by a Trojan or spyware.

The internal website additionally provides 230 up-to-date PeerGuardian compatible blacklists for those who want to take their online security to the most extreme levels.

Encrypted file storage - Users can aquire an additional Fortress Secure Cloud Storage account to store their files securely and encrypted in the cloud using a SSH compatible client.

Unlike other file storage providers, here only the user can decrypt and access the files stored in his or her account. Not even server administrators will ever be able to access your files.

For the Fortress Linux Operating systems users, we provide a special storage account that supports the FLSS client and its high-end encryption methods.

You can order your Fortress Secure Cloud VPN or Secure Cloud Storage account today by sending in this order form on our main website: Download the FITSS Order Form

Fortress Secure Cloud VPN client compatibility and security

Fortress Secure Cloud VPN is compatible with the OpenVPN client for Windows, Linux, Apple and Android operating systems.

For the security-aware users of the Fortress Linux operating system, we provide a highly-secure FLVPN account that beats all known VPN encryption standards.

FLVPN security and encryption details:

  • TLSv1.2 SSL dual-layered encryption with four-factor authentication
  • High-level forward-secrecy exchange with 8192 and up to 32768 Bit RSA certificates
  • 256 bits AES+ based Military Grade encryption
  • Mixed mode of operation with advanced integrity and authentication checks
  • Hardware accelerated encryption with Nonce Replay Protection
  • Unlike the default OpenVPN, FLVPN is not vulnerable to PolarSSL and OpenSSL cryptolibs exploits
  • FLVPN can pass through most firewalls and Internet filters like the great Chinese and Persian firewalls
  • No vulnerable information can be gathered, detected or decrypted by malicious surveillance (a.k.a lawful interception) systems like FOX-Replay, LIMA, EVE Lawful Interception etc.

A Fortress Linux FLVPN connection is resistent against the following methods:

  • Beast SSL attack
  • Birthday attack
  • Brute Force attack
  • Crime TLS attack
  • Differential Cryptanalysis
  • Hijacking
  • Key-recovery
  • Linear Cryptanalysis
  • Man-in-the-Middle attack
  • Meet-in-the-Middle attack
  • Related-key attack
  • Replay attack
  • Side-channel attack
  • Watermarking
  • XSL
  • etc.. etc..

Fortress Secure Cloud

Fortress Cloud Security is another unique product of FITSS that provides a professional "drop-in" security solution to protect enterprise networks and their connections to the Internet.

Fortress Cloud Security

( More information will follow soon )